Meet the pros

For those who have yet to pick up a club, to the more seasoned players looking to fine tune their swing, Topgolf Dubai's Golf Academy has lessons for everyone.

Whether you’re serious about the game or just looking for some great fun, our lessons cater to all needs, ages and abilities and we welcome anyone of any skillset.

Get to know our PGA Certified Topgolf Academy Professionals below and get in touch to get your game (or the ball) off the ground!

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  1. Jamie Coughlin
  2. Maninder Singh
  1. Jamie Coughlin

    Academy Head Professional


    Jamie has been with Topgolf Dubai since its opening in January 2021. Having worked in golf for seventeen years, he graduated from the PGA Training Programme in 2015, and brings years of teaching and club fitting experience to Topgolf Dubai.

    Having reached a 0 handicap before turning professional, he still enjoys playing competitively and can be found playing in the local UAE PGA events.

    Jamie's approach to teaching allows all abilities of golfers to find their natural swing. With an understanding of biomechanics, he gets players hitting good shots quicker and better than most. Making sure his students are having fun while learning allows them to be driven by the enjoyment of the game.
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  2. Maninder Singh

    Academy Professional


    Maninder has worked in the golf industry for over ten years, and is Level A Certified by the National Golf Academy of India (formed by PGA Europe). He started his Level D in 2014 and graduated to topmost Level A in 2018. He has taught at renowned facilities like Qutab Golf Club and DLF Golf Club in the capital of India, Delhi.

    On the playing side, Maninder has been part of the Indian Golf Union Amateur Circuit from 2013 - 2015, and has won many corporate tournaments, most notably the McDowell Signature. After playing the PGTI Pro Circuit for a year, he found his passion in teaching golf. His love for the golf swing and understanding of biomechanics, allows him to correct players swing faults in the most body-friendly and efficient way. His teaching is a perfect blend of technique and feel. He loves challenging his clients with innovative golf drills.

    If you are looking for in-depth knowledge of golf swing and its interdependance with biomechanics, then Maninder is the one to go to. He might quiz you with some fun physics questions related to the golf swing, so brance yourself for some fun, 'techie' golf learning!

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